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Rhythm Section - Atomic Bass

After the success for our first Rhythm Section re-issue in the form of 'Coming on Strong,' we're pleased to announce number two, a re-issue of the classic cut 'Atomic Bass.' Back in 1991 it perfectly captured the mood of the times as a priceless dance-floor weapon. A must have for any serious breakbeat hardcore DJ. view music list >>

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Rhythm Section - Atomic Bass
Rhythm Section - 1990-1992 Remastered
Rhythm Section - Comin' On Strong
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Rhythm Section - 1990-1992 Remastered

Where were you in the early 90's, do you remember the old skool classic Rhythm Section 'Comin' On Strong' ? - Back in 1991 it perfectly captured the mood of the times. Melodic energy with hip-hop beats and dubby Basslines. The self-released vinyl had sold so many copies on its release, that it would have gone Top 20 . if only the band had known about barcodes. It did however stay in the Kiss 100 charts for a massive 18 months. view music list >>

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