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Y4K began life as a compilation series within its former parent Distinctive Records. As one of the longest running and most respected breaks compilation series it has featured mixes from such illustrious names as Tayo, Uberzone, Evil Nine, Ils, Hybrid, DJ Icey, General Midi and Annie Nightingale amongst others.

Upon its 20th release, - and like all good teenagers - it was time to fly the nest. In 2007 Y4K left Distinctive Records to become a label in its own right. We bought all the stock and now all releases from the beginning are with us. The new A&R team ushered in this new age with a change of sound. Keeping one foot in the breaks genres that it spawned from, Y4K now ventures into the cross-polinated worlds of Grime, Dubstep & Fidjet. Expect great things.....

Note to Discogs, All CDs and Vinyl should be listed on our own label page. We now own them and the represses. Putting them in Distinctive Breaks is wrong!