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Released 8th Sept 2008

We were sitting around the other day reminiscing about the glory days of Nu Rave - thirty year olds in Timmy Mallet gear running round Boombox, Trash Fashion in the Sunday Times, Adrian Chiles blogging on Fluokids. Great days, and so in the spirit of a mini revival, we’ve dug a classic out of the original rave vaults and given it a brushing down for 2008.

Alongside Lost’s “Gonzo” and Dee Patten’s ‘Who’s the Badman”, Lennie De Ice’s 1991 classic ‘We R IE ‘ is often cited as one of the first jungle records, and possibly the first to use the Amen break ( if you ignore Rebel MC ). Whatever, its’ dubby bassline, Detroity pads, disembodied African chants and spinbacks still sound like the future today, seventeen years later.

We ended up getting a whole load of new mixes done as things kinda snowballed, and all of them carry a bit of the rave DNA deep in their bones, all of them can trace their lineage right back.

Fresh from his Cockney Thug triumph, Rusko pairs up with Caspa again for a low down and dubby excursion that you’d hope to hear down FWD if you ever went there, which we haven’t, cos our synapses are fried and we just read about things on the web now. It’s slow and steppy, and we hear it’s going down a storm with the heads.

South London lad Hijack’s quickly getting a name for himself on the jarringly named ‘fidget’ scene, with top remixes and his own bangers on the Jack Union label .Here he kicks 4/4 butt with chopped up samples, neat edits and bags of energy.

Rennie Pilgrem, original 1992 don aka Rhythm Section, daddy of the Nu Breaks scene that traced it’s origins back to the motherload, comes out fighting on all fronts with a rolling, 4/4 / breaks hybrid groove, squelchy bassline, and LARGE mentasmic riff all working together and destined for rave Valhalla.

Finally, Drums of Death keeps it 4/4 and makes good use of the original pads before going off on swirling, speaker rattling, psychotropic tangents full of confusion and dancefloor drama, closing out the package in righteous fashion.

Various - Distinctive Presents Y4K
12" [ Y4K021 ]
A We Are I.E. (Caspa & Rusko Remix)
B1 We Are I.E. (HiJack Remix)
B2 We Are I.E. (Drums Of Death Remix)
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Download Only [Y4K021]
4 We Are I.E. (Rennie Pilgrem Remix)
5 We Are I.E. (Johan Filterman E-Dub Extended Mix)
6 We Are I.E. (Original Extended Edit)