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Released 22nd Aug 2011
Credits: Written & Produced by R Thake, N Scott & R Pilgrem.
Additional Remix and Production on Track 1 by Conrank, Track 2 by Ellis Dee And Twista, Track 3 by Stagga, Track 4 by Long Dark Tunnel.
Copyright Control, Bisbal Music, Westbury Music.
(p)1994 Y4K (c)2011 Y4K

After the success for our first Rhythm Section re-issue in the form of 'Coming on Strong,' we're pleased to announce number two, a re-issue of the classic cut 'Atomic Bass.' Back in 1991 it perfectly captured the mood of the times as a priceless dance-floor weapon. A must have for any serious breakbeat hardcore DJ.

Fast-forward to 2011 with original copies reaching crazy second hand prices, it's time for some remix action. First up we have Conrank's offering: It's an epic drumstep affair with broken rhythms and a bass line that bangs. This is followed up by L-D-T's display of classic hardcore drum-editing, putting the piano lick through its paces.

Stepping up next we have one of Rhythm Section's original players: DJ Ellis Dee with cohort Twista. Together they bring a zooped up reinterpretation of the 90's classic that rains down with tough beats and a drop that's destined to tear up wherever it's deployed.

Finally, we foray into Dubstep with the twisted frequencies of Stagga. After leading you into a false sense of security with some classic spliced up breaks, he throws you into a filthy exercise in bass. Nasty! Available digitally and on vinyl this long awaited package will cater for the nostalgic collector and the newly exposed alike.

Rhythm Section - Atomic Bass
12" Vinyl [ Y4K027]
A1 Conrank Remix
A2 Stagga Remix
B1 Ellis Dee And Twista Remix
B2 Original Mix
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1 Conrank Remix
3 Ellis Dee And Twista Remix
3 Stagga Remix
4 L.D.T. Remix
5 Original Mix

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